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find the time to write

How to find the time to write?

If you don’t make a living of your writing (yet), it can be hard to find the time to write. We’re living a very busy lifestyle. However, if you look carefully or organize your time well, it may turn out you have more time than

Easily create a fan graphic

Easily create a fan graphic

Creating a graphic with your book is one of the best ways to promote it. You can create one very easily using Photoshop. Here’s how: Attention! If you make any mistake, don’t panic. You can always make a step back by pressing CTRL/Command + Z.

how to write a non-fiction book

How to write a non-fiction book?

You’re thinking about sharing your experiences in a non-fiction book, but you’re not sure how to do it? Following these points you’ll create a great one. 1. Find a subject you know Even if you’re not an expert or professional, there may be a few

don't hate - create motivational wallpaper

Motivational wallpapers part 1

I prepared a few motivational wallpapers for you. If you have a bad day, just look at one of these and you’ll keep writing. To download your wallpaper just click on it and later save your image. 1. Don’t hate – create. 2. A writer

how to write a good story

How to write a good story?

How to write a good story? – To be or not to be? Reading the books and tutorials about writing a good story you find often the same tips: make the characters interesting, make the story moving, write about the stuff you know etc. But

how to finish your book

10 tips on how to actually finish your book

You have this amazing idea. You already see your book in the bookstores and yourself giving autographs. It’s such a cool feeling. But first you have to actually write the book. Driven by the first enthusiasm, you write a few pages. And then it becomes

dragon shadow 3d cover

Unique 3D covers

Hi! It’s Booky again! So good to see you! I’ve just created a few stunning and unique 3D covers just for you. I can’t wait to see the faces of your readers when they see them! Of course, I’ll help you to personalize them. You

Changing the size of your cover

Changing the size of your cover Your cover doesn’t fit the certain size? Don’t worry! It’s easy to change it. Ready? Let’s start! Important: If something goes wrong – don’t panic! You can always move one step backwards by pressing Ctrl (Command) +Z. If you

A manual personalization of your 3D cover

Here’s how to create your 3D cover. I prepered a step by step tutorial to do it all by yourself. You can also do it more easily using so called action. How? Easily personalize your 3D cover. To buy this 3D template go HERE. Ready? Let’s start!

simple 3d cover

Easily personalize your 3D cover

Here’s how to create your 3D cover. There are two ways to do it. To make it as easy as possible I created so called action for you. So all you have to do are just a few clicks. That’s the easier way. If you