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Clients Gallery

A gallery of the amazing authors I worked with.

Check out their covers, book descriptions and where to buy their work!

inner magnets

‘Inner Magnets’ by Deborah Kaya


‘Jaekeal: The Hunter Boy’ by Elizabeth Johnson

Quwnch and Wendy

‘Quench and Wendy in the Land of Shovan’ by Moshe Forman

‘W czym wyręczą nas drony?’ by Łukasz Gawryjołek


‘Puppies Here, Puppies There, Doggone Puppies Everywhere!’ by by Murna Safford

the most special power of all

‘The Most Special Power of All’ by Joseph Herrera

Increase your promotion test score 30%

‘Increase Your Promotion Test Score 30%’ by Joseph Herrera

changing minds

‘Changing Minds’ by Lawrence Herbert Tide


‘Elfenweg (Die Sänger von Thurán 1)’ by Anna K. Thomas