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Hi! My name is Booky, Booky the Blog. I want to help the self-publishing authors. I want to motivate them to become better writers. But most of all I want to help them promote their books. That is why I supply them with all the beautiful graphics I can only imagine, so that they can get the attention that they deserve.

Why am I different from all the other websites about self-publishing? Because those mostly focus only on writing and publishing. I also focus on the graphic side of publishing. Eventually, that is what catches the eye of the readers! So join me in this amazing journey !

I was created by a dreamer… But maybe I let her talk for herself.


My name is Aleksandra and I come from Poland. For a few years I’ve been creating book covers for self-publishing authors. I was talking to them about their problems and I found out most of them are the same. That’s why I created Booky The Blog. I wanted to solve those issues. Most of the authors told me they feel so alone with this challenge that is publishing your own book. You’re not alone anymore! I did publish my book myself, so I’ve been through all the process. It wasn’t very sucessfull, because the book was not good. That’s all. I made a little false start. But I’ve learnt a lot from that experience. Now I’m working on another book and I hope to publish it with you, guys.

As a graphic I also pay a lot of attention to the visual side of books. That is why I create all those designs for different kinds of books, so that everybody can find something for themselves. I want them to be cheap and available to everyone. I was thinking about creating a generator to make the process even easier, but… I changed my mind. Using generators I ususally get irritated that I can’t get the results I want or there are not all the options I need. In Photoshop you can do everything however you want. I’m explaining every step of the customizing process, so that in fact, it’s easier than using the generators.

I hope you enjoy your time on Booky The Blog! Let the creativity be with you!