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which mistakes not to make

Which mistakes not to make?

You may be wondering which mistakes not to make as a self-publishing author. Here is a list of things that you shouldn’t do. 1. Don’t forget about details You probably noticed yourself some mistakes in the movies when during one scene the main character is

Changing the size of your cover

Changing the size of your cover Your cover doesn’t fit the certain size? Don’t worry! It’s easy to change it. Ready? Let’s start! Important: If something goes wrong – don’t panic! You can always move one step backwards by pressing Ctrl (Command) +Z. If you

How to get Photoshop?

You need Photoshop to personalize the items bought on Booky. Don’t worry, you can download the 30 days free trial. How to do it? Step 1: Go to and click Photoshop CC Step 2: Fill in the short survey and click ‘Sign up for