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Inner Magnets by Deborah Kaya

inner magnets kindleINNER MAGNETS picks up where SERCH BYTHOL left off. Protagonist David Pierson is bereft at the disappearance of what he was led to believe was his twin flame’s ghost, and becomes bitter at what he deems as deception when he finds she is reincarnated in this time and place.

His band Oblivion rise to the top of the music pantheon, but wealth and fame are not enough for David. When he purchases Beak’s End, the one-of-a-kind abandoned Georgian manor house, his karmic destiny begins to unfold.

David’s journey to ascension is an arduous one that includes reconciling his two great loves, the reborn Cecilia Ley, now Lia Bailey, and Occultist Ambrose de Ripariis, the man he calls his eternal brother.

When Ambrose time-travels from 1899 to the hidden room in Beak’s End, David and Lia are given the keys to the universe. The mansion has a secret that has been locked behind a mirror for two-hundred years.

As David and his now wife, Lia, learn to navigate dimensions and time, details of their past life in Ancient Roman Britain surface. Why does the secret of Beak’s End contain a shrine to the Tuatha de Danann? The answers slowly fall into place.

David’s soul eventually learns that his love for his twin flame and spirit twin can co-exist, and that Lia and Ambrose have a long history of their own.

INNER MAGNETS is a tapestry of love that takes place in England, New York and Russia. The characters walk myriad roads that in the end merge into one.

Quartet Description:

THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES is a quartet that traverses multiple dimensions, with a core theme of timeless love. The quartet’s six main characters see a multitude of times and eras. Throughout their many lifetimes, these initiates must ward off ancient enemies who despise them for their role in the downfall of Tammabukku, the mystery school that was anything but the path to ascension that its enigmatic leader, Lamagir, promised it to be.

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