A girl with white rose kindle cover


Are you excited? Your book is ready and waiting to be sent into the world! But first, it needs a cover – as special as your book.

Here’s a girl with white rose kindle cover, ready to be personalized for you. You will receive your customized version within 24h since you place your order. Fast, right?

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A girl with white rose kindle cover

What will I do?

Instead of the ‘Your title’ and ‘Your name’ texts I will use the real title of your book and your name (unless you want to surprise someone and give them this cover as a gift). I can also add a subtitle, series title etc, if you need.

A girl with white rose kindle cover

The cover meets all the Amazon criteria:
Dimensions: 2400×1600 pix
Color mode: sRGB, 8-bit (as there are R, G and B channels that is what Amazon describes as 24bit)
Resolution: 300ppi
Format: .jpg

You want a completely custom cover created just for your book? Check out my fantastic service!

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