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fear of flying

Fear of flying

My mom’s story My mom loves cross-stitching. She creates amazing and magical pieces, sometimes spending years on finish just one of them (you need time to make 200 000 crosses!). Everybody who enters my parents’ house is absolutely amazed. However, when they suggest organizing an exhibition

KDP Paperback vs. CreateSpace

KDP Paperback vs. CreateSpace

KDP Paperback vs. CreateSpace Some of you may seem confused, where to publish the print version of your book: through KDP Paperback vs. CreateSpace. Here are a few things you should know. What is it? KDP Paperback is something new and it’s still in beta


Adventures with editors

A great opportunity Lately I was asked to write an article for the ‘Travel’ section of one of the best fashion magazines in Poland. I was so happy! I felt like Carrie Bradshaw!  Of course, I put all my heart into it. I didn’t expect

how to prepare your book for kindle

How to prepare your book for Kindle?

Most self-publishing authors use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing as a place where to publish their books. It has many advantages, because it’s one of the most used platforms for buying ebooks thanks to the Kindle Paperback. How to prepare your book for kindle? It’s very easy.

how to finish your book

10 tips on how to actually finish your book

You have this amazing idea. You already see your book in the bookstores and yourself giving autographs. It’s such a cool feeling. But first you have to actually write the book. Driven by the first enthusiasm, you write a few pages. And then it becomes