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KDP Paperback vs. CreateSpace

KDP Paperback vs. CreateSpace

KDP Paperback vs. CreateSpace Some of you may seem confused, where to publish the print version of your book: through KDP Paperback vs. CreateSpace. Here are a few things you should know. What is it? KDP Paperback is something new and it’s still in beta

how to prepare your book for kindle

How to prepare your book for Kindle?

Most self-publishing authors use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing as a place where to publish their books. It has many advantages, because it’s one of the most used platforms for buying ebooks thanks to the Kindle Paperback. How to prepare your book for kindle? It’s very easy.

low budget promotion

Low budget promotion

We all know that self-publishing authors usually struggle with book promotion: they are unexperienced and often can’t afford paid campaigns or professional services. Here is a list of ideas for a low budget promotion. As you don’t have much money, you will need to spend

A manual personalization of your 3D cover

Here’s how to create your 3D cover. I prepered a step by step tutorial to do it all by yourself. You can also do it more easily using so called action. How? Easily personalize your 3D cover. To buy this 3D template go HERE. Ready? Let’s start!